Thursday, May 30, 2013

Potted Gardening for Dummies

I may have mentioned in passing that I am not an enthusiastic gardener.
The lawns are mowed on an irregular basis, and I occasionally chop back the undergrowth when it turns into overgrowth.

Someone gave me some seedlings the other week, so I thought I would pot them and see what happens. I left it so long before I got round to replanting that I thought maybe they had died, but amazingly nature fought back and they are now wonderful leafy plants waiting to bare fruit. Trouble is I can't remember what they are, so I guess we will have either cucumbers or peppers.

After finding a couple of sad old potatoes in the back of the pantry Rebecca and I did some research and discovered we could grow new potatoes from the eyes of the old (sounds a bit zombie-like to me) so we cut out the eyes (more zombie graphics) and planted them in pots of compost. Not to be left out of the experiment, Billy made off with the left over wrinkled tatties and demolished them with customary zeal. Nothing goes to waste round here.
The potato plants are now sprouting and I am excited to find out if they will be edible.

Rebecca and I have also tried our hand at planting from seeds. We filled big tubs with compost and planted carrots and beans. I think I may have inadvertently pulled up a couple of the carrots as I mistakenly thought the delicate little shoots that suddenly appeared were tiny saplings that seem to take root everywhere in my pots. Oops. 

So now we have come to the part where gardeners water their gardens daily and wait to see what will grow.

And look! We grew a dog!

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