Sunday, March 31, 2013

Blow the eggs, let's eat chocolate

I don’t claim to be very crafty.

My attempts at creating whatever craft I am attempting never look like the picture on the box/internet site/other peoples fabulous creations. 
This is usually down to my inability to follow directions coupled with my lack of patience. If something doesn't work first time, then it obviously wasn't meant to happen.

But Rebecca and I did blow eggs this Easter.
This is always fun, as it involves a little bit of mess, minimal effort and a splodge or two of paint.

As Rebecca was going red in the face forcing yolk and white through the tiny hole at the end of the egg, I remembered last years attempts. All had gone smoothly until we had left the newly painted eggs to dry on the kitchen table. Retreating into another room, we had suddenly become aware of a strange crunching noise emanating from the vacated kitchen, which turned out to be Billy eating our Easter craft.

This year (so far) the eggs have remained intact. 

And now it is Easter Sunday.

We can admire our finished craft, and remember that Jesus made all things new by his sacrifice on the cross. (And conveniently skip over the pagan fertility festivals bit) 

Christ is Risen. Hallelujah!! 

(Now where did I put those mini eggs?)

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