Tuesday, January 6, 2009

flip-flop weather

Can someone please tell me, what weather does it take for a teenage girl to consider leaving her flip-flops at home?
I waved my 14 year old off this morning, in the rain/chance of sleet, and watched her tiptoe delicately through the puddles toward the bus stop, wearing gloves (yea!) but no coat (hmm?) and the aforementioned thin pieces of rubber and plastic on her poor little feet.
We pick our battles in this house. The wearing of weather appropriate clothing is one we just raise our eyebrows over, make subtle suggestions about, but don't actually enforce. One would hope that this trend (I know it's not just my kids) will eventually die a death, preferably before a teen loses a toe to frostbite, or slips and breaks her ankle.
It is January. I am hoping at some point in the next couple of months to see some snow. Will the boots make an appearance then? Surely even a teenager cannot want to shuffle around with nearly-bare feet in sub-zero temperatures and accumulating drifts. If and when it does snow, and she tries to exit the house with inappropriate footwear, then the gloves are off (figuratively speaking); it's gonna be time for battle.

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