Wednesday, January 7, 2009

"I want a cabin in the woods"

I love the Message. I especially like to read the Psalms, and the Message translation just jumps up and whacks me in the face.
Psalm 55 shouts to me ... and I want to follow the Psalmist as he searches for the idyll he describes:

"Get me out of here on dove wings;

I want some peace and quiet.

I want a walk in the country,

I want a cabin in the woods"

I want that place. I want that tranquil setting, that cabin.

And while we're at it; not that I want to appear greedy, Lord, but could it have a hot tub? And an HDTV? (I really need to catch up on some DVD's, ones that don't have a cartoon character as the hero) And how about a king-sized bed? With crisp clean fresh smelling sheets (not ones that are desperately in need of a wash, and reek of eau de dog).

And wouldn't it be nice to have that king-sized bed all to me Me ME! No patter of tiny footsteps in the night, no waking up to find a child standing expectantly by your head, whispering "Mummy, MUMMY! I had a nightmare". No little squirmy body, all elbows and knees and feet taking up an entire side of the bed. No "there's a spider in the bathroom, will you come in with me" at 4am.

I love my children. I am happy with my life. But every now and then, God knows, I need that cabin in the woods.

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