Friday, June 8, 2012

reading for fun

Smallest child has always been a slow reader. 
As I watched her struggle in public school at age 6, and as I heard her teacher telling me “she will need a lot of extra help, there’s definitely something wrong” ... that was the pivotal moment for me. The tiny niggle of “maybe I should think about homeschooling” suddenly intensified into a loud and impossible to ignore klaxon of “what am I doing, allowing my small defenseless child to be humiliated in this place?!” 
Her confidence was zero.
She still liked books, but she had no interest at all in reading.
The first year, we went back to the very basics and did phonics to death.
This year she is still slow but she is enjoying books and stories and likes to open books and read by herself.
There is no competition. 
It’s just her and a book.
And the other day we went to the eye doctor.
He suggested she wear reading glasses as her eyes seemed to be working a bit too hard.
Since then, she hasn’t stopped reading.
The last few nights she has actually asked for extra time to finish the chapter before she turns out the light.
I don’t believe it will solve all her problems (there is some mild dyslexia there), but we are well on the way.

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