Wednesday, June 6, 2012


The kids were bored the other day, so I sent them on an unaccompanied field trip to the creek armed with a rucksack full of snacks and an empty water bottle.
“Go get some tadpoles” were the instructions.
Off they went.
Back they came an hour and 30 minutes later with 7 tadpoles.
So I went to the shed (braving the spiders) and found our old 10 gallon tank (the one that has housed myriad fish, salamanders and the odd gecko over the years), dusted it out and set it on the table on the deck. 
Then, accompanied by Rebecca and an old blue bucket I drove to the creek and collected some good old creek water and a collection of mossy rocks. And some water snails which happened to be attached to the rocks. 
Rebecca and I spent a few minutes setting up the tank, and with a flourish (think major water park flume ride) she introduced the tadpoles to their new home.
Three weeks later we now have the odd tadpole and at least three frogs. The snails have grown huge. The water is still nice and clean and I guess all the things that make creeks alive are working. 
And yesterday Rebecca captured it all with the camera. 
The life cycle of a frog. Tadpole to frog to “hey, you wanna make more tadpoles?”
I will say one thing for frogs. They don’t waste time!

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Michelle Mitchell said...

That's amazing when you consider you didn't add insects or larvae for the tadpoles to eat. You must have a science gene located somewhere in your body. I assure you, they would have been dead inside the first week if they'd have been a my house. Good job.

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