Monday, March 5, 2012

The Fat Orange Cat is Sitting on the Table

Today my 9 year old has been learning about adjectives and my 17 year old has been practicing her procrastination skills.

An adjective is a describing word

For example: 

“This is a long, yellow pencil”. 
“I have a fat, orange cat”. 
“My fat, orange cat is sitting on the table”. 
“My fat orange cat is sitting on the untidy, overcrowded kitchen table.”
“My dog Billy is big, black, naughty and extremely smelly ”
“My younger sisters are ravenously hungry and noisily demanding lunch”
“I have some cool, new mouth guards for when I play rugby”
"Facebook is a popular, fun and useful social media site"

Procrastination is a noun. Definition: - to postpone or delay needlessly. 

For example:

It has taken me so long to actually start doing my work because I had to sharpen the blunt point of my long yellow pencil. 
I haven’t, as yet, got round to actually doing anything which could be construed as ‘work’ because the fat orange cat, sitting on the untidy, overcrowded table, demanded that I feed him by meowing piteously.
The overpowering stench emanating from my big, black dog Billy made me violently ill and I was therefore unable to complete my work in a satisfactory manner. 
As a kind, thoughtful act, I have selflessly put off starting my difficult essay in order to make a healthy, hot, appetizing lunch for my wonderful, younger sisters.
Oh look! I had forgotten that my Mother had bought me some sparkling, new mouth guards only four short days ago. I know that I could easily have got them ready to wear over the  past weekend, but it is so much better to do it right now, just when I should be getting on with my work.
I had to update my facebook page with some crazy pics of me in Sunny Las Vegas!

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