Sunday, June 12, 2011


Today is the first Sunday of Pentecost in the Anglican Church calendar.
The day we celebrate God sending the Holy Spirit to his disciples. A day of praise and thanksgiving. N.T. Wright says it quite well.
Our Church encourages the wearing of red, symbolizing fire, or clothes from another country (though I don't think they mean the "made in China" label), which reminds us of the disciples speaking in foreign tongues.
As usual in the Harris House, things were going less than smoothly this morning. Due to a late night, we were all tired and grumpy. "Tongues of Fire" has a different meaning when you're dealing with my sleep deprived young.
We had plenty of red rimmed eyes, but a distinct lack of red clothes.
Jessica has one red t shirt. "Don't Talk To Me" it proclaims in jagged black script. How apt, I mused, as she snarled at me over breakfast.
Rebecca has a red England Football shirt. "I'm not wearing THAT" she declared in a tone which refused debate. Okay then.
Andy found his sole red shirt at the bottom of the dirty laundry pile. I don't think so.
Of course Bethany and I had pre-planned our Sunday wardrobe (2 out of 6 ain't bad) and at the last minute Andy remembered an old red T Shirt which he donned happily.
Church looked bright and cheerful this morning.
Happy Pentecost

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Lenten Pilgrim said...

Thanks for this great post, Lynne! It's good to hear about other families' challenges and goals on Sunday morning. I almost forgot my red till the last minute. And Fiona didn't make it...slept all morning. But it was a great service.

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