Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Top Ten Rants of the moment

1) S.O.L's. The acronym stands for "standard Of Learning" tests. They represent what the teachers should be teaching and what the children should be learning. The school puts pressure on the teachers and the teachers put pressure on the children. So my children are getting stressed out for something which doesn't really have anything to do with them. Find another way to assess how well the school performs. Don't use my children as guinea pigs.

2) neighbours who complain about my dogs barking but let their dogs roam the neighbourhood. Get a fence and get a life (and while you're at it, reduce your asking price so someone can buy your house ...)

3) neighbourhood associations which won't let people hang their washing out to dry. Doesn't the climate matter more than seeing a line full of boxers, knickers and bras?

4) neighbourhood associations which won't let me keep chickens, ducks or goats. Chickens and ducks will eat left over food. They provide eggs. Goats mow the grass and provide milk (well, nanny goats do ... and think of the cute factor of all the little baby goats).

5) the fast track isle in the grocery store which keeps telling me I have an "unexpected item in the bagging area." Well I didn't bring my invisible pet elephant to the store today, so it can't be him.

6) a school system which believes all children are the same. Each child is an individual. Treat them accordingly and help those who need help, whether it be academically, emotionally or socially.

7) credit cards. Why am I paying all this interest??

8) strip malls. Why can't America build a few more town centers? And while we're at it, how about a few more pubs, and the odd corner shop. I resent having to get into my car and travel 1 mile, cross an 8 lane road, using up fuel just to buy a gallon of milk and a loaf of bread. And if I had my nanny goat, I wouldn't have to worry about the milk anyway.

9) Best Buy . There is now nowhere else to shop ...

10) people who have top ten rants. Haven't they got better things to do than complain?

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